By Norma Kirkpatrick

Famous musical team, Rodgers and Hammerstein, came up with that expression in a song for the musical “Carousel.”  The words were so lyrical and rhythmic it became an immediate hit.
“June is bustin’ out all over!  All over the meadow and the hill…, the feelin’ is gettin’ so intense, that the young Virginia Creepers, have been huggin’ the bejeepers outa’ all the mornin’ glories on the fence;  just because it’s June, June, June!”
School is out; plants are growing and blooming; and plans are made for a trip to the beach. Many presently mature women were a June bride once, I was; that makes June a big wedding anniversary month.  It is also the month of Father’s Day.  I wonder if they really want another pair of socks?   Recent high school and college graduates are looking for summer work; or an opening for a position in their field of study.  Their parents are just as hopeful as they are.  Working couples with young children are juggling schedules for summer activities and child care.
June is a pivotal month.  The routine of life has paused, or ended, or changed.  It is a transitional month; time to chill out and laze about in the heat of summer; or work online in pursuit of a life changing new direction.  How could June be such a seesaw between mindlessness and mindfulness?  Depending on age, decisions, or some fate of circumstances; we will sit on one end of the seesaw or the other this month.  We could be forced from the relaxing doldrums of mindlessness to the hurricane’s eye of mindfulness; pausing, ending, or changing.  In a few short weeks we could possibly take a seat on the other end of the seesaw.
It is comforting to know we all share some distinctive things about the month of June.   June brings a big, silvery new moon; strawberries and watermelons get sweeter every day; cantaloupes begin to emit their pungent smell of promised ripeness, and the Farmer’s Market is open again.  June is bustin’ out all over with the uniqueness of the month; to enjoy, to face, to make memories and see the morning glories – and the glory of morning.
Kirkpatrick is a guest columnist for the Opelika Observer. She can be reached at