LEE COUNTY — A resident of Cedar Estates Subdivision, Ashley Lucas, approached the commission to discuss the condition of the roadways in the subdivision during the Monday night Lee County Commission meeting.
“The roads in our community are in desperate need of repair from county, medical use, regular traffic and erosion,” Lucas said.
There are 40 tax-paying residents in this area, and he said it is beyond the residents’ capabilities to fix the roads.
Lucas asked the county to either grade the roads or lay asphalt. Specifically, these are gravel roads — Lee Roads 2182, 2184 and 2184.
District 4 Commissioner Tony Langley said all of these are non-county-maintained roads.
Cedar Estates was originally plated as a private subdivision and road maintenance was deemed to be the HOA’s responsibility, said County Engineer Justin Hardee. The subdivision was never codified, however, Lucas said.

Hardee said that one of the things that would have to happen before the commission could help would be that there would need to be a deeded right of way, not just an easement.
Lucas and the commission agreed that if all the residents in Cedar Estates agreed, then the right of way could be deeded to the county and the county could begin looking at working on those roads.
“If it’s okay with the [commission] then we will go ahead and work on our end to get that approved,” Lucas said.


  • The commission approved an educational reimbursement request for the Lee County Sheriff’s Office.
  • The commission approved the final plat approval for Forest Ridge Subdivision.
  • The commission approved a date for a work session to discuss the vacation of Lee Road 57A right-of-way.
  • The commission set a work session on July 29 to discuss the county’s dirt road paving program. It will also discuss the Arrow and GFL Landfill contracts.