What if? What if I realized the immense potential in today? Life is an amazing journey but so often we get bogged down in, if only.

I am convinced I could write the next great southern novel if only. If only, I had more time. I work a lot of hours. If only, I could sit still long enough to get the story in my head down on paper. If only, I had one of those glorious front porches by the bay in Fairhope. Spanish moss that clings loosely to the water oaks makes me poetic. If only, two little words that keep people from living.

Maybe we should replace those words with “what if?”

What if I disciplined myself to write a few pages every day. What if I could sit still for 45 minutes at a time. What if my surroundings were enough.

I think sometimes we let ourselves become victims of our own spoiled logic. We don’t want to work for what we dream about. I even question if people have dreams anymore.

I hear young people talking about how they want to further their education (which I certainly applaud), in order to have a “career.” What I am afraid sometimes comes from this “go to school in order to be somebody” attitude is a philosophy that the world owes them the VP job when they graduate.

I got a degree. I work in a craft store. I don’t look at my job as a dead end, although I sometimes feel the “dead” part at the end of the week.. I value my life experience as much if not more than that piece of paper somewhere in my attic. I wouldn’t trade my degree (unless I could trade it for bay or beach front property somewhere around Mobile). My college experience didn’t teach me to love others. My faith in Jesus did.

What if we encouraged each other to work in our natural abilities and talents. We all have something that makes us unique. I wish I were a musician, but I certainly am not. I have children who are quite gifted in this arena. A couple of them have made spare change with their gifts of music. I believe with the right mindset they could make a living in music. But, that is not for me to decide.

I’m having a hard enough time deciding what I want to do when I grow up. I’ve had a great deal of experience but still want to try new things. I want to see potential in others come to maturity.

I recently heard a quote from Irish rock star, Bono, “The job of love is to realize potential.” I agree! We need to teach our children that caring about others is what we do. Only then, are we truly fulfilled. What good is making a living if you don’t have a life to enjoy?

So, what is it that you are dreaming of? Changing jobs, pursuing a goal, following a call to change the world? What if?

I’ll keep you posted on the next great southern novel.