There is an argument brewing, boiling and spilling over in this nation that troubles me more than the day to day political squabbles usually do. It is basically the intention of our government to provide “birth control” that is more abortion than prevention, and the employer providing insurance will foot the bill. Our government seems bent on mandating this method of “birth control” which name itself implies what it does. The “Morning After Pill” and “Week After Pill” are the names I have heard thrown around and they speak for themselves.

I personally have no problem with birth control. You may be surprised since I am the mother of a “herd,” but remember I didn’t give birth to all of them. I adopted because I believe every child is planned, even if their mother of origin doesn’t agree. I happen to know the business in question provides birth control in their insurance plan. This is preventive!

I believe it is the individual’s right to plan her pregnancies. I have to draw the line when it comes to “correcting a mistake” which is the expressed purpose of these “after” pills. After conception there is a third human to consider and contraception is no longer an issue.

With that said, I have been keeping up with the complaint from some mega businesses concerning the mandate to pay for these “services.” I fully understand the horror of being told that not only will your employees be offered the “afters,” YOU, said business, will be forced to pay for it. This is like telling  businesses they are responsible for killing (unplanned) children. If the government tells them that they have to offer this and they have to pay for it, that pretty much IS what they are doing.

The owners of Hobby Lobby are facing a $1.4 million fine per day for refusing to go along with this order. This is not about the David Green family trying to cut corners or being unfair to their employees. It is a religious infringement. It is about the government, who is suppose to protect religious freedom, actually taking advantage of the Green family’s convictions.

Who will benefit from this ridiculous fine? When will the Supreme Court hear the petition? Will other businesses be forced to do things that violate their basic beliefs. What is next?

I certainly hope the Supreme Court finds in Hobby Lobby’s favor, if not, I’m afraid we will lose a great business and thousands of jobs. I don’t believe the Greens will back down. I don’t blame them.