I realize to many my little corner of this paper is meaningless drivel. I suppose, if you are reading this, you might disagree.

I don’t entertain any delusions of greatness, I am not trained in journalism or literature. I write what I think. I write the same way I speak, only adding the luxury of the backspace key for things best left unsaid. I could have used that backspace key in real life yesterday when I made a joke pointed at my boss about being in the way. He left in a huff, my coworkers all smiled and one actually commented that I just said what everyone else was thinking. I was trying to diffuse a little tension. Oops.

I do adore humor. The Bible says a merry heart is like medicine. I believe we need laughter to survive! Why else would God give me seven kids? We laugh a lot in this house, especially when the older ones are around.

I made the comment to one of our boys that we need to be picked up by one of the cable networks as a reality show. I mean, the number one show on one of those networks is about a family who invented a particular duck call that has made them rich and famous. We love that show but, really! They don’t do anything!

My son responded with, “Mom, you have to have a reason to be picked up by a network.” I looked at him dumbstruck.

“You mean, a family of seven children, ranging in age from seven to twenty-eight, five girls and two crazy musician boys whose mother actually wanted to run away and join the circus at one point in her life, but didn’t because she met a preacher boy who convinced her to marry him and create all this, would not be a good reality show?” Really?

I think, “Greetings From The Circus” would be funny as can be. Again, I hold no delusions that I am anything great, but my family is pretty entertaining. No need for the trapeze or elephants, dinner is enough. And, there are plenty of clowns, none the least bit scary. There are interesting things to explore on a day to day basis, like, not causing a fire with dryer lint and playing a game we like to call “Let’s see how high the insurance will climb after this little fender bender.”

There is the whole element of preacher’s kids misbehaving in church, and people who think we are just plain crazy. Isn’t that necessary for TV these days?

As I write this all out I realize I don’t want to be famous, and neither do my children. I enjoy sharing with you though, and I appreciate you going along on our little adventures. And, with a column in a hometown newspaper I have the luxury of a backspace key.