I’ve been thinking of getting a tattoo….okay, I’m really thinking about drawing one on with a Sharpie.

I had to chuckle a little thinking about how many of my friends gasped after reading the first part of that statement. I really have nothing against tattoos, personally. I have been known to go up to complete strangers and compliment them on unique or meaningful body art. I know, I know Deuteronomy says … but the Bible also says not to wear polyester and cotton together (in slightly different terms). Check the tags in your garments people!

You could be guilty. And by the way, we aren’t suppose to mix crops in the garden either and every seven years, the garden belongs to the deer and bunnies … after your neighbors without gardens get to pick their fill. Read it! It’s in there!

My point is, if you are going to get all huffy about folks with tattoos, you might better be well versed in the Old Testament, because there are a lot of things we are missing out on.

In the famous words of Michael Jackson, “you got to be startin’ somethin” and to quote some other more modern thinker “won’t be nothin’ if you don’t start somethin” I just thought I’d throw that tattoo topic out there.

My fellow, much more savvy cohort, Cliff, seems to get a lot of attention for speaking his mind these days. He has collected quite a few comments on his facebook page as well as, I’m sure, the office of this dear weekly. I am not envious of this attention mostly because I loathe conflict and have too much in my own little world to intentionally be controversial. I do think he has the right to say what he wants. No one is obligated to agree, right?

I had a wonderful conversation with a dear friend the other day. It sort of sums up what I wish to convey here. She said she had been praying and the Lord made it known to her that she did not need to be so concerned by what others thought (about her). She told me about her adult child who felt her mother spent too much time volunteering at church.

With laughter in her voice she said, “My child is grown, she lives with her family in another city, why does she care what I do with my time? Serving in my church is how I love people, it is part of who I am.” I thought about it. She is so wise.

How many times have I thought people were doing something wrong or silly just because I didn’t see the importance of it. How many times have I myself been judged for not living up to the expectations of others.

As far as I see it, we have only one judge.

He looks at our hearts.

And maybe, just for today, the Sharpie cross tattoo on my right wrist.