Sherman Edwards may have been penning song lyrics about the enmity in the Second Continental Congress when he wrote these lines, but we think those words may still apply today.

“Piddle, twiddle and resolve; not one damn thing do we solve.”
Heck of a motto, but we dare say the Cooper Library Board couldn’t have written a better one for itself. With Monday’s meeting, the recent genealogical section disagreement continues on, as board chair

Aimee Sikes proposed a survey of genealogical section users be taken, so board members would have access to a “full range of information” before they made their decision.

The proposed survey would ask patrons where they are from and how they found their time in the section, and also ask if any changes need to be made to the section.

This proposal was met with nods and murmurs of approval from the various board members (save Charles Wacker, who seemed to urge greater action than the ‘Let’s put this aside for several months and pray it goes away’ mentality offered by others), while GSEA members, council officials and we members of the news media looked on with confusion, anger or extreme disappointment.

No motion was made and no vote was taken by the library board regarding this survey scheme, so, to the best of our knowledge, it has yet to be officially implemented, and for that we are thankful.