Attorney General Steve Marshall announced victory over President Joe Biden’s federal-contractor vaccine mandate today as a federal court granted Alabama’s motion for an injunction against the president’s unconstitutional vaccination requirement. 

“President Biden’s unlawful, unconstitutional and un-American attempt to force federal contractors and their employees to submit to a COVID-19 vaccination has been stopped due to another successful legal challenge from Alabama,” Marshall said.

“Today’s ruling from the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Georgia places a nationwide injunction on President Biden’s federal-contractor vaccine mandate and represents the third victory by Alabama and a coalition of states to block enforcement of the President’s tyrannical dictates.

“President Biden’s lawless and authoritarian vaccine mandate on federal contractors — just as with his vaccine mandates for private employers and healthcare workers — is a contemptible infringement upon individual liberty, federalism and the separation of powers. The courts have rightfully responded in each case by blocking the enforcement of these mandates.”

Marshall filed three legal challenges to Biden’s vaccine mandates, including against the federal-contractor vaccine mandate on Oct. 29, against the private-employer vaccine mandate on Nov. 5 and against the healthcare-worker vaccine mandate on Nov. 15. All three mandates have now been blocked nationwide by federal courts.

Joining Alabama in the legal challenge of the federal-contractor vaccine mandate are attorneys general from Georgia, Idaho, Kansas, South Carolina, Utah and West Virginia.