Opelika City Council voted to approve four separate bid packages during Tuesday night’s meeting to develop and construct a new municipal library to be located at 1100 Glenn Street in Opelika. The four bid packages are detailed as follows:

1. Bid Package 1, General Works, is hereby awarded to Freeman & Associates on the low bid of $5,100,000

 2. Bid Package 2, Structural Steel, is hereby awarded to SteelFab, Inc., on the low bid of $579, 216 

 3. Bid Package 3, Mechanical, is hereby awarded to Bradley Plumbing and Heating, Inc., on the low bid of $1,201,000 

 4. Bid Package 4, Electrical, is hereby awarded to Auburn Electric Company, Inc., on its low bid of $1,570,000.

The council also voted to approve a budget, prepared by Robins & Morton Group for the new library building in the amount of $11,876,188. According to city documents, the council voted to adopt the total project budget, “to include all costs associated with the design, construction and administration of the project, including costs associated with the demolition of the existing building, whether such costs have been expended  or will be expended in the future.”

In other business, the council:

– Received the June 2020 Monthly Building Report presented by City Manager Joey Motley; building permits in the amount of $20,930,614.80 were issued for the month of June 2020

– issued a Certificate of Retirement honoring Curtis “Bruno” Prince’s nearly 50 years of “working the chains” with perfect attendance at Auburn University’s Jordan Hare stadium  

– held public hearings and later voted to approve weed abatement assessments for the following properties:

808 Donald Ave. in the amount of $165.48

814 Donald Ave. in the amount of $164.59

411 S. 4th St. in the amount of $143.89

504 S. 4th St. in the amount of $513.34

– voted to award a bid from T R Miller Mill Co., Inc. for Southern Yellow Pine wooden utility poles on an as-needed basis

– voted to award a contract bid in the amount of $129,490 from AAA General Contractor Inc., for the 2020 removal of dead, dying, or dangerous trees

– voted to designate city personal property surplus and to authorize disposal of the property

– voted to approve an agreement with L.P. Campbell Co. for professional grant writing services at an annual fee of $18,000 to be paid in four equal installments

– voted to approve an agreement with ADEM for a Recycling Fund Grant

– voted to approve a professional services agreement with the city of Auburn for game-day support services

– voted to approve a change order for the Covington Recreation Center renovations project in the amount of $44,362 bringing the contract total to $1,841,172

– voted to approve a resolution to increase the salary for the public defender to $2,000 a month

– voted to approve a special appropriation for the EAMC Foundation in the amount of $10,000 for the 2020 Christmas Ball to benefit the new neonatal intensive care unit which is to be located at EAMC

– voted to appoint the City Clerk as the City Election and Absentee Election Manager

– voted to approve a change order for the N. Uniroyal Bridge project contract in the amount of $49,500

– voted to approve a memorandum of understanding between the city of Opelika and Envision Opelika Foundation Inc., as sponsor of Creekline Trails of Opelika in the amount of $30,000

– voted to approve a resolution to declare Council President Eddie Smith as councilman to Ward 4 due to Smith being the sole qualifier for the position

– voted to approve a resolution to appoint Nick Vance Abbett as the assistant municipal prosecutor

– voted to amend the zoning and ordinance map to rezone 25.7 acres located at the corner of Waverly Parkway and Veterans Parkway to a planned unit development that will consist of 72 townhome units and 20 single-family lots

– voted to approve a request for annexation of a 25,700 square foot lot located at 4002 Marvyn Parkway.

The Opelika City Council meets on the first and third Tuesdays of every month. Meetings are held at 7 p.m. in the meeting chambers in Municipal Court Building. Meetings are also live-streamed on the city’s YouTube channel.