By Morgan Bryce

A collection of artwork called “The Civility Paintings” by Smiths Station artist Sarah West will be exhibited during the Alabama 200 Celebration on Dec. 14 in the Old Supreme Court Chambers at 600 Dexter Ave. in downtown Montgomery.
West, an Observer columnist and the owner/curator of the Sarah West Gallery of Fine Art in downtown Smiths Station, said she is excited for the opportunity to showcase these pieces during one of the state’s most important celebrations.
“It is an extraordinary honor, one for which I consider myself immensely fortunate. As an American narrative painter in my mid-thirties, I consider myself an emerging artist,” West said. “I’ve devoted my life to this calling and every day I am thankful for the opportunity to paint, address and record the narrative of life, in the American- South, as I live it.”
West said this honor was made possible through her independent studio’s commitment to working with local and state government insure “art in education” for students at all Alabama schools and institutions.
Following the devastation inflicted upon Smiths Station by the March 3 tornadoes, West and her mother Michele helped 900 students create artwork to reflect their emotions in the storm’s aftermath. Through their friendship with District 38 Rep. Debbie Wood, the artwork would be displayed and exhibited at the Alabama State Capitol.
As a member of the Smiths Station Historic Preservation Commission, West was able to secure the opening of the Historic Jones Store Museum as an Alabama 200-designated event along with the debut of the Vesper Exhibition at the Smiths Station Government Center.
Preceding the exhibit’s opening will be a special reception hosted by State Sen. Randy Price. Mayor F.L. “Bubba” Copeland and his wife Angela will be in attendance.
Those interested in viewing the exhibit are encouraged to enter via the Union Street or Goat Hill entrances after 1 p.m. Central time.
“Alabama will only celebrate a 200th birthday once, and we will be there, as a state together. When I think of those who have stood on the Capitol steps, and the many who overcame everything to walk in unity, for equality, compassion and freedom just decades ago, I am overwhelmed with a profound sense of hope and determination to represent and celebrate the very best of who we are in the Alabama,” West said.
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