By Fred Woods

The highlight of an otherwise rather mundane commission meeting wasn’t even on the agenda. County Administrator Roger Rendleman announced that the County Satellite Office at the Auburn Mall should re-open for business around March 1
The office has been closed for repairs since an apparent out-of-control car crashed into the lobby Feb. 9. Inspection revealed no structural damage and the main repair costs seem to be replacing a broken concrete column and the building’s entrance.
David Jackson was appointed (second reading) to the Beulah Utilities District Board. Jackson has successfully operated a small business in Lee County for 26 years.
Bodies of indigents and persons with no known next-of-kin must be cremated and maintained at county expense, According to Lee County Coroner Bill Harris, up to now, Jeffcoat-Trant Funeral Home and Crematory, who has been doing the cremation, has been storing the cremains at no charge, but now they are running out of storage space. They are willing to store the cremains in a storage building out back but the coroner needs to provide a sturdy lockable cabinet which Harris will provide from his budgeted funds.
By unanimous vote the commission passed the legally mandated annual levy of county alcoholic beverage fees. These fees range from $75 for retail beer or table wine up to $250 for brewpubs.