Sealed bids for the project,


shall be received by the City of Opelika, in the office of the Purchasing Department at Opelika City Hall Conference Room, 204 South Seventh Street, Opelika, Alabama, until 2:00 p.m., local time on Monday, February 9, 2015, and then publicly opened and read aloud.  All interested parties are invited to attend.  Only bids from competent general contractors will be considered.  At the time of contract award, the successful bidder must be a properly licensed general contractor.

This project consists principally of the following work:

1.  City-Wide Local Road Resurfacing and Improvements

2.  Open Bid for Additional Resurfacing, to be Determined, and Subdivision Pavement Surfacing

All work under Part 1 of this Contract must be completed within Sixty (60) consecutive calendar days of the issuance of the Notice-to-Proceed.  All work under Part 2 should be completed as directed and prior to One (1) year from the issuance of the Notice-to-Proceed. A Contractor’s ability to perform all of the work within the required time shall be a primary consideration in the awarding of the Bid.

Copies of the Contract Documents may be examined and obtained at the City of Opelika Engineering Department, which is located at 700 Fox Trail.  There is a $25 charge for obtaining one hard copy of the Contract Documents.  Electronic copies of the Contract Documents may also be obtained from the Engineering Department at no charge. Questions regarding these Bid/Contract Documents may be directed to Mr. Scott Parker, City Engineer, City of Opelika, P.O. Box 390, Opelika, Alabama 36803.  Phone:  (334) 705-5450.

Guarantee will be required with each bid as follows:  At least five (5) percent of the amount of bid in the form of a certified check or Bid Bond payable to the City of Opelika, Alabama.  A Contract Bond and Labor and Material Bond shall be required when the Contract is awarded.

Bids must be submitted upon the standard forms furnished by the City of Opelika, Alabama.  The right is reserved, as the interest of the Owner may reject any and all bids and to waive any informality in bids received.

Envelopes containing bids must be sealed, marked, addressed as follows, and delivered to: Lillie Finley, Purchasing-Revenue Agent, City of Opelika, 204 South 7th Street, P.O. Box 390, Opelika, Alabama, 36803.  ATTN: 2015 CITY-WIDE RESURFACING.
Bidders must comply with the President’s Executive Order Number 1246 and Number 11375, which prohibit discrimination in employment regarding race, creed, color, sex, or national origin.

Bidders must comply with 40 CFR 31.36, the Anti-Kickback Act, and the Contract Work Hours Standard Act.

The Bidder must provide certification of prior work under Executive Order 11246 (Equal Employment Opportunity) as amended.

Each bidder must make positive efforts to allow minority business enterprises the maximum feasible opportunity to participate in sub-agreements if such are executed pursuant to this construction project.  The bidder commits itself to compliance with the Agency MBE requirements, as outlined in these Specifications, by submitting a properly signed bid.

The Contractor/Subcontractor will comply with 41 CFR 60-4, in regard to affirmative action, to insure equal opportunity to females and minorities and will apply the timetables and goals set forth in 41 CFR 60-4, if applicable, to the area of the project.

Attention of bidders is called to the License required by Title 34, Chapter 8, Code of Alabama, 1975, as last amended, relating to the licensing of General Contractors.  No bid will be accepted from anyone except a qualified Contractor licensed by the State Licensing Board for General Contractors.




POST OFFICE BOX 390 (36803-0390)


PH:  (334) 705-5120

Legal run 1/30/15