by Noori Malaji
Student Reporter


Lee-Scott Academy hosted an event March 1 called “iWalk, iRun, iShoot for Excellence,” to raise money for the ongoing LSA Technology Initiative program.

Champion Events Group, a Birmingham-based fundraising company, organized and directed the event. The school leaders of the event included: Development Director Tonya Prewett, event director; Headmaster Dr. Don Roberts, adult fundraising captain; and event captains Amy Sullivan, Cathryn Albright, Emily Meador and Allyson Roberts, Heidi Marlin, Leigh Smith and Nicole Roberts, all teachers or parents at LSA.

The event included a fun walk and 5K race, both held on the Lee-Scott campus. “All elementary students participated in the walk,” said Prewett. “Secondary students participated in the fundraiser either by running in the 5K or participating in a clay shoot at Pat Dye’s Farm.”

Even the 5K run was not all work. “Students that ran the 5K had the option of being sprayed with paint at each 1000 meter mark,” said Sullivan. “Following the run, students celebrated with their friends and had a special lunch in the LSA cafeteria.”

Asked how the event raised money, Prewett explained that “all LSA families were encouraged to set up a webpage and send e-mails to friends and families asking for donations for the event. Families also had the option to make a donation towards the Technology Initiative.

Most of LSA’s more than 650 students participated in the event, according to Prewett. “There were approximately 320 elementary students participating in the walk and around 140 secondary students participating in either the 5K or the clay shoot.”

The money raised from the event will go towards LSA’s Technology Initiative, which will supply improved technology for Lee-Scott students.