Written by John Cooper Lawton

Trudging, moaning and groaning through the halls, the LSA students may not be in full swing after the holidays, but the school is back at full speed. Lee-Scott Academy is actively working to better itself for the future.

Architects from the Independent School Council, the company helping the school to expand its horizons by planning for the future, came to LSA last week to ask for ideas for buildings that could be built on land Lee-Scott may soon acquire. The teachers even had the opportunity to lay the groundwork for what the campus may eventually look like. The architects will visit again in coming weeks to show the plans that they drew up to the administration and teachers.

While the students received Christmas gifts over the break, Lee-Scott did, too.

The biggest gift was a WiFi update. The wireless is now even faster than the school’s wired network because of the 13 new AeroHive devices added throughout the school. With these devices, Internet connections are now available in all school classrooms and hallways.