Rogers on gun control executive action


Contributed by the Office of Congressman Mike Rogers 

Congressman Mike Rogers made the following statement last week after President Biden announced his executive actions on gun control.

“Today President Biden made official what we’ve known for a while: Democrats are set on dismantling the Second Amendment.

“Biden’s use of Executive overreach started when he was Vice President, and it’s continuing today. From appointing anti-gun enthusiasts to ATF, to trying to strip elderly Americans of their gun rights, the undermining of our Constitution by Democrats seems to have no end. Democrats love to use administrative proposals to reinterpret our law, which is what they’re planning to do now.

“As a proud gun owner, I will stand strong against universal gun registrations, universal background checks and any other anti-gun legislation liberal Democrats are trying to pass,” Rogers said.

Rogers serves as Ranking Member on the House Armed Services Committee.  As a strong supporter of the Second Amendment, Rogers is the only member of the Alabama House Delegation with an A+ rating with the NRA.


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