Lee County Sheriff’s Office Holds Awards Ceremony

Lee County Sheriff Jay Jones presides over the awards ceremony on Sept. 14.


The Lee County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) held an awards ceremony on Thursday, Sept. 14, at the Lee County Justice Center in the Grand Jury Assembly Room. The ceremony honored LCSO employees who have received awards for Employee of the Quarter, Distinguished Service and Life Saver Awards.
Sheriff Jay Jones opened the ceremony by leading current employees who have recently been promoted with a reaffirmation of their oath. Jones then moved on to the presentation of numerous awards to Sheriff’s Office employees, punctuated with back stories for each award and for the recipients. Jones is currently serving his seventh term as sheriff of Lee County.
The following reaffirmed their oath of office for their newly promoted positions:

  • Staff Sgt. Shelia Threat
  • Staff Sgt.Ashley Ogletree
  • Sgt. Lashonda Payne
  • Sgt. Timothy Parquette
  • Sgt. Lora Jones
  • Sgt. Cassondra Robinson
  • Cpl. Dalton Dunlap
  • Capt. Bill McGuire
  • Capt. Dave Tompkins
  • Sgt.Jason Purvis
  • Cpl. Vintel Thomas
  • Cpl. Josh Walton
    The following were presented award certificates from Sheriff Jay Jones:
  • Sgt. Jeff Snyder — Employee of the Quarter
  • Investigator Angela Spates — Employee of the Quarter
  • Cpl. Rob Alexander — Employee of the Quarter
  • Lt. Jessica Daley — Employee of the Quarter
    Sgt. Cassondra Robinson — Employee of the Quarter
  • Corrections Deputy Marcus Adams — Employee of the Quarter, Unit Commendation
  • Purchasing Agent Michelle Smith — Employee of the Quarter, Meritorious Service Award
  • Lt. Erin Pierce — Employee of the Quarter, Unit Commendation
  • Communications Officer Veronica Kelley — Life Saver, Unit Commendation
    -Communications Officer Sherri Hurst — Life Saver, Unit Commendation
  • Cpl. Jason Reaves — Life Saver, Unit Commendation
  • Deputy Matthew Sheets — Life Saver, Unit Commendation
  • Deputy Jacob Cook — Life Saver, Unit Commendation,
    Deputy Jonathan McLain — Distinguished Service Award
  • Deputy Andrew Hammond — Unit Commendation
    Deputy Shawn McDevitt — Unit Commendation
    Corrections Deputy Timothy Bond — Life Saver, Unit Commendation
    Corrections Deputy Quentin Bullard — Unit Commendation
    Sergeant Timothy Parquette — Unit Commendation
    Corrections Deputy Patrick Yarbrough — Unit Commendation
    Investigator Stanley Wilson — Distinguished Service Award
    Investigator Tyron Ponds — Distinguished Service Award
    Investigator Kyle Van Noy — Distinguished Service Award

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office and Lee County Sheriff Jay Jones honored and congratulated several employees for excellent service and promotions at a recent ceremony.


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