The spirit of the Lord is upon me. Isaiah 61:1

This morning these ancient words come down
through the years and settle upon me.
I watch the willow oak tree at the corner,
large and green and verdant.
The rain and wind come, blowing through its branches,
twisting and turning them in all directions,
the dead leaves and debris falling to the ground.
Then from the tree comes a song, and I listen,
trying to understand the truth.
What is it the tree is telling me this morning?
Live within the rhythms of the natural world,
the seasons, spring and summer, fall and winter,
light and darkness, sleep and wakefulness.
Keep your heart soft so that joy may fall upon you.
Be mindful of the sound of laughter and the cry of despair.
Reach out to the lost souls on the restless sea.
Celebrate the miracle and mystery of all living things,
plant life and animal life and all the forms of life we do not yet
Above all, breathe deep into all those forces of cosmic destiny
working within us and throughout the Universe.
The summer storm subsides.
Rivulets run down the street and settle in low places.
The air is fresh. The tree is still.
Dick Graves
June 30, 2024
at the Irish Bred Pub