By Hannah Lester

Auburn University has followed the local K-12 public school’s lead and will be requiring face coverings inside all buildings and university transport beginning Aug. 3. 

“The revised faces coverings policy aligns with the latest guidance from the CDC as well as recommendations from university medical staff, local health officials and the Alabama Department of Public Health,” said a statement from the university on its COVID-19 Resource Center. “Beyond this temporary measure, AUburn does not intend to adjust operational or instructional plans.”

Those who are vaccinated will also be required to wear face coverings. Those alone in private offices do not have to wear masks, nor will individuals need to wear them while eating.

Additionally, face coverings will not be required while in resident halls with roommates or in the Recreation and Wellness Center, along with other “open-air athletics venues,” the statement said.

“Face coverings, along with other safe practices, are an important means of preventing the spread of COVID-19,” the release said. 

Additionally, the university urged individuals to get their COVID-19 vaccine, which is available at the Auburn University Medical Center, local pharmacies or East Alabama Medical Center. 

The COVID-19 Resource Center also includes information about self-reporting, hygiene measures, quarantine and cleaning around campus.