Special to the
Opelika Observer

Mallory Hagan announced the creation of a “Voter Protection Committee” composed of lawyers, volunteers, and voting professionals who will answer questions, fight for unreasonably denied voters on election day and ensure voters’ rights are protected across the 3rd District during the Nov. 6 elections.
“The voter suppression efforts of Alabama’s past, the questionable developments across the district, and the current efforts by Georgia’s Secretary of State are extremely concerning. I asked my team to help me put together a Voter Protection Committee that can help fight any efforts of voter suppression and answer questions on election day.” Hagan said last Friday. “There is no reason that any citizen should be denied the right to vote on a technical error or lied to about their right to vote. The handling of voter registration in Georgia has been fundamentally undemocratic and stinks of voter suppression. Ultimately, voters should be automatically registered to vote, be able to register up until election day, and be able to cast their ballot for their preferred candidate.”
“Until those goals are realized, the least we can do is ensure no voter is kept from their right by unfair burdens.”
The Voter Protection Committee will be assisting in both monitoring and addressing voter suppression up to and including election day. Interested attorneys can join the effort by reaching out to the campaign online or emailing campaign@haganforhouse.com.