By Rebekah Martin
Associate Editor

Local teenager Taylor Rosenthal, who turned his Young Entrepreneur’s Academy project into a small business worth millions, was interviewed on CNN yesterday.
Rosenthal, with the help of the YEA class at Opelika Middle School and Roundhouse, developed RECMED First Aid Kits, a vending-machine style distribution kiosk for basic first aid supplies. Rosenthal is the youngest person to be invited to bring his startup to Tech Crunch Disrupt, a start-up tech conference held in New York City. Kyle Sandler, founder and conducter of Roundhouse said Tech Crunch Disrupt invited Rosenthal to bring his business to the conference at no charge because they were impressed with his business model. “This will give RECMED and Roundhouse very positive, global attention, because CNN is watched worldwide,” Sandler said.