To Be A Bird


By Bradley Robertson

Wow. What a wild, and perhaps adventurous, last couple weeks it has been.
In processing all the events unfolding around us, my assumption of self has become more and more clear. I live moment by moment, day by day. I have too much energy to look behind me and my mind cannot even wrap around tomorrow, so I take in what I can today.
This has shown to be fruitful for me most recently as I, along with the rest of the nation, learn to juggle work, family and homeschool (farmstyle). I don’t even think about what I’m doing tomorrow. Today is today, and that is enough for me.
Every morning this week I’ve woken up to a chorus of wildly, chirping birds. They begin when it’s still dark, way before sunrise and continue in song all day long, till well after sunset.
I first noticed them the morning after we returned home from Colorado. It dawned on me that it was indeed the first signs of Spring. This was also the same day our world flipped upside-down from Coronavirus.
Since that Saturday, the happiness and song of these birds have woken me up every morning. They begin with their music, beckoning me to my front porch. And when I arrive, the glory and beauty of a new day of life falls fresh on my soul. The sunrise in the distance, the fresh dew on my skin and the harmony of birds is nothing short of a sanctuary.
I sit still with my coffee and awake to green grass, vast skies and a new day. After some time has passed, often an hour, I move forward to start again.
This simple act of God has set my feet on the ground every morning since everything changed. The funny thing is, the birds never stop doing their thing. Never. Chirping, singing, every morning they are still there, still the same. Still doing their thing they are called to do, to be a bird.
I began to wonder, if birds are called to be birds and they give their greatest effort every day, then what are we called to be?
I tend to my family day in and day out in this new normal and put one foot in front of the other. I feed them and put forth my best effort to teach them, love them, help them and keep them safe. Now it’s not all smiles and giggles, we all know the truth about parenting. But through it all, we have an earnest sense of joy. Even my farmer husband, still working, tends to us in hope and human connection. He smiles at us every morning and every evening as if nothing has changed at all.
I have questioned why at this point am I still so joyful when there is such obvious pain and uncertainty all around me?
I read the news. I have medical friends on the frontlines at EAMC. I know the death toll. I know small business is struggling. I know this is hurting real estate. I know folks who need to be at work. I know kids are actually hungry. I know the reality. I am not blind.
I also know God holds it all. I also know I can only do my part by just being me.
I will rise each day and seek his face and keep serving the ways I know how; in optimism, joy, enthusiasm and dreamy encouragement.
And the rest of the world, will do their part by just being them.
Doctors will be greater doctors.
Business minds will come up with new strategy.
Creatives will flourish with new ideas.
Teachers will reach in wider spaces.
Leaders will lead with new care and vision.
Grandpa’s will be funnier Grandpa’s and friends will be sweeter and more thoughtful friends.
And we will all seamlessly fall into place, helping each other make it through each day.
Who are you called to be? Keeping being you. Today, you are the greatest thing you are called to be.
“Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or stow away in barns, and yet your heavenly father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?” Matthew 6: 26
Bradley Robertson is a local mother, wife and creative. She’s an Auburn University graduate, loves good food and getting outside with her family. Bradley enjoys feature writing, as well as southern culture and lifestyle writing.


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