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Listen Linda … I love the holidays – really, I do, but I am so confused by my family. When we decided our date for getting together this year, it was clearly said that we would only bring gifts for the kids. Adults would each bring a dish for our meal and we’d enjoy seeing the little ones open presents and play. It was not my idea, but we all agreed. Yay?!?
Well, since then, I’ve heard that someone is bringing a goody basket for each couple, another has Christmas socks for all, cakes are being baked for everyone to take home, blankets, scarves and knit beanies are being made … each time, I asked “I thought we weren’t doing gifts?” All wonderful, sweet things but should I call everyone else to say gifts are happening but not necessary? I don’t want anyone feeling panic that they aren’t prepared with anything in return even if it isn’t expected.
I don’t really have time to call everyone or get last minute gifts now since we’re meeting at my house which has it’s own to do list, but I’m freaking out! What would you do? (Where are the elves when I need them?)

Dear Probably Adopted,
I have been right where you are. We always have Christmas at my house and just getting the house ready and clean is enough stress for anyone!
As far as I see it, you have three choices.
First, you can stick to the original plans and only get the kids a gift.
Second, you can stress yourself out and go on a panic mode shopping spree.
Or third, you can play a game such as Christmas movie trivia, or guess how many ornaments are on the tree and give away a bag of cookies or candy to the winner!
My choice would be number three because it takes the focus off of the gifts, etc. and it shows that you made an effort to have some family fun!
Hope this helps your situation and that you have a Happy New Year!


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