St. Duns Buns Donates to Exceptional Foundation, O Grows

photo contributed to the observer

Contributed to
The Observer

St. Duns Buns with St. Dunstan’s Episcopal Church in Auburn recently made a donation to O Grows (pictured below).

O Grows promotes gardening and related programming to address the issues of food security and localized food systems, providing fresh food for the community. It is a community-wide partnership, providing learning lessons for students in six schools, a community garden and greenhouse and a farmers market.

St. Duns Buns also made a donation to The Exceptional Foundation of East Alabama. Pictured with St. Duns is Melinda McClendon, director of The Exceptional Foundation of East Alabama. The Exceptional Foundation of East Alabama provides a program for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. These individuals meet regularly to experience a broad range of social, recreational and educational activities designed to promote healthy living, support social relationships, explore the arts, improve functional skills and foster community involvement.


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