Quilters who care


Pierce Chapel UMC group makes quilts for those in need

By Norma Kirkpatrick
Opelika Observer

More than three years ago, a group of ladies from Pierce Chapel United Methodist Church had the desire to put their sewing skills to good use.  After getting organized and gathering materials, they were ready to begin.  Almost every Tuesday morning, five ladies, plus occasional help from others, meet at the church to make quilts on the four sewing machines they use.  Two of the machines were donated and the ladies bought two.  Though some materials are given to them, they often dig deep into their own pockets to provide batting, backing and other needed supplies
In September, their church held a special prayer and dedication service of the twenty-one quilts they had completed. At that service, the quilts, slightly larger than single bed size, were given to the Alabama-West Florida District of the United Methodist Church to be distributed through their foster care services. They were then given to the children as a lifetime gift.  Once the children leave foster care, they take their quilts with them as a tangible memory, and something they can call their own.
But that isn’t the end of the story; bed quilts are not all these ladies make. As their vision enlarged, this small group found great need in other areas as well.  The same ladies also began to sew lap quilts for veterans, which they give to the Veteran’s Hospital in Tuskegee, and also to the Bill Nichols Veteran’s Home in Alexander City.  One lady, who is a full time seamstress, joins the group to help whenever possible.  She is a Veteran herself and has a personal awareness of this need.
One of their group has a family member in a special needs home for handicapped adults in Arizona.  So, the challenge increased, and they began to sew aprons for the home that would protect the clothes of their residents; making it much easier to help keep them neat and clean.  A different fabric is used for this need which is much heavier than that for the quilts.  To this date, the busy hands of these ladies have made and sent eighty aprons.
Some people talk about the needs of the world.  Other people do something about it; wherever they are and whenever they can.  The second choice describes the women from Pierce Chapel United Methodist Church.  They have faithfully put their hands and hearts to the task, as a blessing to so many people.


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