Letter to the Editor: Urge your elected officials to address climate change


Dear Editor:
On February 8, several representatives of the Climate Leadership Council, who are high ranking Republican statesmen from previous administrations, met with White House officials to present a proposal to address climate change.  The plan would employ a market based national carbon fee which would be rebated quarterly to every American.  For years, similar plans have been endorsed by many economists, by some leading climate scientists, and by many others, e.g., the Citizens Climate Lobby.  In view of the dramatic decline in prices of renewable energy, especially solar and wind, such resources are competitive with coal in many markets.  This should result in less resistance to the use of renewable energy, especially if any fee added to fossil fuels is rebated to citizens.
In addition, a market based plan can help mitigate the global climate changes we are experiencing.  If there is still doubt that a move away from fossil fuels is urgently needed, talk to the people of Miami Beach who are spending $400 million on infrastructure to keep sea water and fish out of their streets, and ultimately their homes and businesses.  It is time to urge policy makers, e.g., elected representatives, to act.  Find their contact information by entering “my elected officials” into your computer’s search engine, e.g., Google.  Please don’t delay.  Do it NOW!
David Newton


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