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I  wanted to provide a summary of the Cancer Event to Remember that the Opelika Observer graciously helped advertise for. This event was a virtual exercise challenge where participants could register for a challenge of either 300, 600 or 1000 minutes of exercise for the month of October. The event benefited the Oncology Wellness Program at the Spencer Cancer Center of EAMC. The premise of the event was to exercise to take care of yourself while honoring loved ones who have fought cancer. Donations of $50+ got the names of the donor’s honoree on the giveaway, a gaiter. And by registering, you received the gaiter. Beginning October 1, registrants had the opportunity to start logging their exercise. We had 88 people register and 90% of them accomplished their goal by Oct. 31.

Registrants had the opportunity to follow our Facebook Live exercise classes (4 days a week for the entire month of October) for registering. We also had a virtual Facebook Live auction on Oct.15 where we auctioned off a few donated items. Lastly, our registrants could participate live on Facebook or in person for the Geisler workout at Fortify Fitness on Oct. 31 to close down the event. A donation was requested at the door and all proceeds went to the event. This event was held on Hanna Geisler’s birthday. Hanna was a personal trainer at HealthPlus with aspirations to move over to the Oncology Wellness Program as a Cancer Exercise Trainer as HealthPlus downsized in February 2020. However, in October 2019, she had to take a leave of absence because she was diagnosed with Leukemia, likely resulting from treatment of the ovarian cancer she beat a few years prior. In June 2020, despite a hard-fought battle, Hanna lost her life to the disease. She would have been 25 years old Oct. 31. She was the event organizer’s honoree for the event. Her family all followed along from Cincinnati during the Geisler workout. It was a beautiful thing.

Originally, the goal was to raise $5000. In the past, we had raised much more than that. However, with COVID hurting a lot of our small business big donors, we felt $5k was a reasonable goal. In the end, we raised more than $12,500.

I just want to say thank you to you and all of our other participants, sponsors and donors. You are making a difference in cancer survivors lives by your generosity.

Emily A. Ansick M.E.d

Exercise Physiologist Float



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