Letter to the Editor


Here are some solid reasons for re-electing U.S. Senator Doug Jones on Tuesday, November 3.

For 2019, Govtrack.us reported “Jones cosponsored 324 bills and resolutions introduced by other Members of Congress. Co-sponsorship shows a willingness to work with others to advance policy goals.”

 On June 9, 2020, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce announced U.S. Senator Doug Jones was awarded both its Jefferson–Hamilton Award for Bipartisanship and the Abraham Lincoln Leadership for America Award.  Senator Jones is one of only two senators to have earned both honors this year.  These honors recognize members of Congress who demonstrate bipartisan leadership and constructive governing.

During his brief time in the U.S. Senate, Doug Jones has consistently reached across the aisle to work with both Republicans and Democrats.  In just three years, he’s had 21 bipartisan bills signed into law by the president.  Some of the successes address:  insurance coverage for coronavirus treatments and vaccines, rural health care, health of senior citizens, nursing services in underserved areas, job growth in rural communities, tax relief for Gold Star families, federal resources for certain farmers, taxes for military widows, taxpayer identity protection, clarification of commercial real estate loans, rural waste water systems, addiction and drug abuse.

 Doug Jones has the training, experience, and record that proves he is about helping all of the people of Alabama.  Let’s vote again for U.S. Senator Doug Jones, a proven public servant for all of One Alabama.

 David Newton
Auburn, AL


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