Lee County Sheriff Jay Jones Starts New Term


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Tuesday, Jan. 17, Lee County Sheriff Jay Jones took the oath of office for his seventh term. Jones was sworn in on his mother’s Bible by Judge Christopher Hughes. In a brief speech addressing the staff of the Lee County Sheriff’s Office, Jones had this to say: “I’m constantly getting asked what’s the best part of being sheriff, and my answer always is, getting to work with the folks I get to work with every single day. That has always been the case. That will always be the case . . . We wouldn’t be where we are, this office wouldn’t be successful and I wouldn’t be in the position I’m in without the efforts that all of y’all expend not just once in a while, but each minute of each day and I appreciate it beyond words that I can offer . . . I really appreciate the honor of working with all of y’all and most importantly being in partnership with each and every one of you in serving the citizens here in Lee County because, folks, that’s what it’s all about. Thank you.”


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