Latest in skateboard accessories, equipment can be found at Opelika’s Boneyard Skateshop

2019-11-21 BoneYard Skates Shop

By Morgan Bryce

Those with a passion for skateboarding can find the newest accessories and equipment at Boneyard Skateshop, located at 1300 McCoy St. in Opelika.
The skateshop opened on Nov. 19, and is the brainchild of Firing Pin owner Charlie Edwards and his longtime friend Chris Mezick.
“I was infatuated with skateboarding as a kid. This is something that I have considered doing for a while … I wanted to see kids with skateboards under their feet, as opposed to electronic devices in their hands,” Edwards said. “Once I heard that the construction of the skatepark (at Indian Pines Golf Course) was confirmed, I decided to move forward with my plans, and bounced the idea off of him and we decided to go bigger than my original intentions, with him as a partner.”
Elliott Degruiter serves as Boneyard’s store manager. After recently kindling a passion for firearms, Degruiter connected with Edwards at the Firing Pin, and the two discovered their commonalities extended beyond guns.
“I went in the (Firing Pin) to check out a gun and see the shop. He introduced himself to me and noticed the skateboard shirt I was wearing, and started talking to me,” Degruiter said. “Within a couple of minutes, he asked me if I wanted to work in a skateshop. And from there, it’s been history.”
The facility that houses Boneyard was once a hardware store. Now, the front portion of the building has been converted into a retail space with counters full of skateboard accessories, equipment, protective gear and tools, display racks that showcase the wide array of skateboard decks for sale, as well as scooters and merchandise for Boneyard and other brands carried at the skateshop.
“Literally, anything that parents want for their kids, whether it be merchandise like T-shirts, actual skateboards, hardware or protective gear for a first-time skater, can be found here at Boneyard. We’ve kind of got it all,” Degruiter said.”
The larger back portion of the building will eventually be converted into an indoor skate park, according to Edwards. While the project isn’t going to be open anytime soon, Edwards was able to share what some of its features will be.
“We are going to build a halfpipe and a mini ramp, as well as other obstacles,” Edwards said.
Boneyard’s hours of operation are noon to 7 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday and noon to 5 p.m. on Sunday. The store will always be closed on Monday.
For more information, like and follow its Facebook and Instagram pages.


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