Know your heroes


You know what a hero looks like? Look for Bennie Adkins. He’s one of them, certified by the President of the United States. That luminary awarded then Sergeant First Class, now Command Sergeant Major (retired) Adkins the Distinguished Service Cross, the U.S. Army’s second highest medal for extraordinary heroism involving combat in Vietnam.

This modest, unassuming man settled in our town, ran an accounting business, became National Commander of the elite National Legion of Honor and was honored to bring his national convention to his home town.

Guess what? Some of his home town could have cared less! The management of the Marriott Grand National turned down his request to hold his national convention there. Afraid the heroes might not include enough golfers, they told Bennie. These jerks don’t understand there probably wouldn’t be a Marriott Grand National if it were not for heroes like these. Tell the so-called management what you think about their judgment next time you get a chance.

So National Commander Adkins couldn’t hold his convention in his hometown but turned to the Auburn University Conference Center. Thank goodness their management is a little more enlightened.

And thanks also for the Opelika mayor and city council for hosting the Legion of Valor membership at a BBQ at Opelika’s Sportsplex last night.

Local television has been almost as bad as Grand National management. One local television expressed initial interest: “Oh yes, that sounds wonderful! Call me!” Then she wouldn’t return repeated calls. At the risk of some of our readers calling me “potty-mouthed,” I say to hell with her.

Bennie’s friends and fellow heroes are here. Let’s welcome and thank them.

And when they return home, we’ll still have Bennie. Let’s let him know how much we appreciate him and his efforts at preserving our country.


– Fred Woods



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