Emergency Funds for Citizens Impacted by COVID-19


Emergency Housing, Utility Assistance Program Launched for Unincorporated Lee County


 The Lee County Commission and Alabama Rural Ministry (ARM) are excited to announce the launch of an Emergency Housing and Utility Assistance Program — a new program that will provide rental, mortgage and utility assistance to those citizens affected by COVID-19. The official launch date for the Emergency Housing and Utility Assistance Program is July 26, 2021.

The Emergency Housing and Utility Assistance Program will provide income-eligible households rental, mortgage and utility payment assistance. The inability to cover these costs may result in an eviction of residence or the disconnection of utilities, leaving the individual(s) without housing, power, water or gas. The total maximum award will not exceed $1,500 and can cover up to three months past due expenses.

Alabama Rural Ministry is a local non-profit focused on affordable housing, home repair and children’s ministry. ARM coordinates home repair efforts and children’s day camps in rural areas of Alabama. ARM is a faith-based organization with a mission to extend love to all.

Funding for the program was provided to the Lee County Commission by the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs COVID-19 Grant Program.

For more information, application and eligibility requirements, please visit us at www.arm-al.org/covidassistance, or contact Lawton Vallely at 334-501-4276 extension 500 or lawton@arm-al.org.


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