City looks to convert bus into mobile medical service to meet healthcare needs


By Shawn Kirkpatrick
For the Opelika Observer

The goal is $200,000, and the city of Opelika is one step closer thanks to a $500 donation from Bishop Frank McLeod, pastor and founder of God’s House of Prayer Holiness Church. It’s all for a new mobile clinic that will promote good mental and physical health across the city.
The goal for the mobile clinic is to manage and control healthcare issues like immunization, birth control, high blood pressure and diabetes, as well as help with mental issues and substance abuse.
“We want to talk about nutrition for folks – to eat healthy with vegetables and fruits versus a fast food diet,” said Opelika Mayor Gary Fuller. “If we can get folks to think healthier – nutrition, the way they take care of the body God gave them. We want to see them live life more abundantly, physically and mentally.”
The city teamed up with Mobile Studio, who brought in Auburn University and East Alabama Medical Center to be a part of the project. (Mobile Studio is a community-based group in Auburn that works with municipalities and public agencies to research and design solutions that better communities.)
The bus will be staffed by EAMC and maintained by the City of Opelika. Tiger Transit donated the bus that will be converted into the clinic. “As far as the fundraising, we are working on several creative ways to do fundraising. We should know what those are in the next couple of months,” added Opelika Community Relation Officer Leigh Krehling. “We are also starting a GoFundMe page and sending out emails.”
To donate now, send or hand-deliver a check to the mayor’s office at city hall, and clarify on the check that the money goes to the mobile clinic.


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