Auburn Athletics Unveils the SPIRIT Exchange as Part of NIL Program




Auburn Athletics, in conjunction with INFLCR, has announced the launch of the SPIRIT Exchange to expand its ongoing Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) program for student-athletes. The SPIRIT Exchange is the latest innovation to help Auburn student-athletes maximize NIL opportunities.

This streamlined, easy-to-navigate platform is a free service to both student-athletes and third parties. It serves as a directory and customized portal to connect businesses, collectives, donors, alumni and fans with student-athletes to explore, negotiate and enter into NIL transactions.

“At Auburn, we remain committed to leading in the NIL space by providing additional resources for our student-athletes to maximize their NIL potential,” said Director of Athletics Allen Greene.  “As the NIL landscape continues to evolve, we are committed to evolving as well. Unlocking this marketplace functionality through SPIRIT Exchange enhances our partnership with INFCLR and more importantly, provides student-athletes with a turnkey one-stop shop for all things NIL.” 

The SPIRIT Exchange is a custom-designed student-athlete NIL business registry for businesses, collectives, donors, alumni, fans and others wishing to connect specifically with student-athletes at Auburn University. After a business, collective or individual registers on the SPIRIT Exchange, they can access a searchable database of Auburn student-athletes and filter that database through a variety of criteria. They can message the student-athlete directly in the application or request the student-athlete’s contact information (or that of their representative) to start a discussion about an NIL transaction. INFLCR and Auburn will not be involved in any of the negotiations.

Once an NIL agreement is reached, a customized reporting form that is compliant with the Auburn Athletics’ Name, Image and Likeness guidelines, is generated and forwarded to the institution. The platform also includes a payment processing tool to securely pay the student-athletes and will be consolidated into a 1099 form that lives in the student-athlete’s INFLCR app for more efficient tax reporting.

Businesses, collectives or individuals can register now at Auburn will opt in all student-athletes, who may opt out if they choose not to participate.

“The Auburn Tigers were one of INFLCR’s first clients back in 2017, and more recently provided key input on what was needed of the INFLCR+ Local Exchange as it was being built, so we’re thrilled to finally announce the SPIRIT Exchange, an expansion of their NIL program,” said Jim Cavale, president of INFLCR. — “A year after announcing Auburn’s INFLCR powered SPIRIT NIL program, it’s important for us to continue providing best-in-class resources to that program, including the exchange platform for student-athletes to capitalize on the personal brands SPIRIT has helped them build with no burdening transaction fees.”


 In 2021, Auburn Athletics announced the launch of SPIRIT, a comprehensive Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) program designed to educate and empower student-athletes and prepare them to optimize NIL opportunities. For additional information, visit


INFLCR, a Teamworks product, is the leading athlete brand-building and NIL business management app for elite athletic organizations. The INFLCR athlete app educates student-athletes, coaches and staff for the NIL era in a safe and compliant environment, all powered by best-in-class content delivery for student-athletes to access and share content to their social media channels. INFLCR works with more than 250 collegiate and professional sports organizations.

Impactful features like the INFLCR Local & Global Exchange provide local and national companies with the ability to find, communicate, pay and report NIL transactions with student-athletes, maximizing their NIL earning potential with streamlined reporting for their institution and their personal tax returns.

 Visit for more information.


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