Answered prayers build our faith


By Beth Pinyerd

I had a wonderful principal who encouraged teachers at the beginning of each new school year as we met the challenges of our classroom. He would ask the teachers to reflect back on answered prayers in our lives.
He referred to answered prayer and blessings as “a stockpile of evidence” that God is faithful. I have tried to keep a journal of answered prayers not only personally, but for my classroom students needs as well. After 34 years of teaching, God has truly blessed my heart and my life in seeing so many students who I have prayed for grow up, working hard and outreaching to the community with their gifts, talents and love. It was God who did this in their lives. We parents, grandparents, teachers and caregivers are humbled when God gives us the assignment of prayer.
Answered prayers are truly hope and faith builders when we reflect back on times in our lives which were truly difficult. When we have had a loss of health, whether it be physical or mental, answered prayers in small steps encourage us and increase our faith. So many times we have received answered prayers in miraculous ways and we overflow with thanksgiving.
Like the Israelites after witnessing so many miracles on their escape from Egypt began to complain to Moses after wandering in the desert, we too may forget what God has recently delivered us from. Reflections of past answered prayers and blessings can help us ward off doubt and fear.
Personally, I love to read my prayer journal of years ago to see how God answered prayers. Sharing answered prayers with your children is a good model and faith builder. When facing personal challenges, think back upon the joy you received when your prayers were answered. We draw strength from past answered prayers.
As I share with children, God’s telephone line is never too busy, He doesn’t delete our email or text and he truly leans in to hear our prayers. When I have worked with seniors, we discuss that the greatest ministry and mission outreach assignment is to pray and intercede for others. Memories of how, when, where and why our prayers were answered give us hope and encouragement to live our lives to serve others and to praise God for all he has done.
As 1 Thessalonians 5:17 says, “Pray without ceasing.”


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