Absentee voters encouraged to vote early


By Morgan Bryce
Staff Reporter

In advance of this year’s presidential election, Lee County residents who plan on voting absentee are being urged to be proactive and apply for their ballots within the state and federal deadlines.
Mary Roberson, Lee County Circuit Clerk, said she expects there will be a large voter turnout both nationwide and in Lee County.
“Because of the numbers that we are expecting for voter turnout for this general presidential election, I need people that are going to vote absentee to do it early,” Roberson said.
Roberson’s office will accept absentee ballot application from Sept. 14-Nov.3.
Roberson stressed that absentee applicants should be sure to meet all absentee voting standards. Those standards include: being a registered voter, with an updated address; completing the affidavit portion of the ballot, two witness’s signatures and the limiting of one application per envelope.
A registered voter is eligible to vote absentee if one of the following are true:
The person:
-is absent from the county or state on the day of the election
-has a physical illness or infirmity which prohibits one’s attendance at the polls
-has a work shift that conflicts with their polling place’s hours
-is a student at a school outside of their county of residence
-is a member of, or a spouse or a dependent of a member of, the Armed Forces of the United States
-has been appointed as an election officer at a polling place different from their own.
The last day to register to vote for the general election is Oct. 24. Voters can choose to either mail or electronically submit their applications, but Roberson noted that mail would be the quickest way for her office to process and review applications.
For any questions regarding absentee voting, contact the Absentee Election office at 737-3490. To pick up an absentee application, go to the Circuit Clerk/Absentee Election Manager office, located at 2311 Gateway Drive. Mail absentee ballot applications to P.O. Box 1616, Opelika, Ala., 36803.


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