2022 4-H Midwinter Retreat – The 4-H Circus is Back


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By Justin Miller

The circus is coming to town! Alabama 4-H is proud to present The Show Must Go On, the theme for the 2022 4-H Midwinter Retreat.

After switching to a virtual option in 2021, Alabama 4-H members ages 14 through 18 are once again invited to gather for three days of fun-filled activities. The retreat is Feb. 4 through 6 at the Alabama 4-H Center in Columbiana, Alabama. The cost to attend is $130 per person. Registration for the event is available through 4HOnline at www.V2.4Honline.com.

The Greatest
Comeback on Earth

Midwinter is a teen leadership conference that the 4-H state ambassadors plan each year. Colton Cook, 4-H ambassador president, said the virtual option last year was a success, but they could not be more excited to be back in person.

“In true 4-H fashion, we didn’t miss a single beat in 2021 and had Midwinter virtually,” Cook said. “It was a blast, but now we can finally have Midwinter in person again. Members from every corner of the state are in for a truly wonderful experience.”

Joy Scott, an Alabama Extension 4-H specialist, said everyone is excited and looking forward to the event.

“Words cannot express how excited I am to have Midwinter back at the Alabama 4-H Center,” Scott, who also serves as adviser to the 4-H state ambassadors, said. “The ambassadors have worked extremely hard to make this year’s Midwinter a success.”

In The Center of
The Ring

Planning around a circus theme, there will be many great workshops and activities at this year’s retreat. The topics taught in the workshops will help members become better leaders in many aspects of their lives. Topics include items such as becoming a leader, personality assessments, resumé writing and 4-H yoga.

Neely Stewart, 4-H ambassador vice president, echoes Cook’s comments, saying this Midwinter will be a year unlike any other.

“The 4-H Midwinter Retreat will be full of fun games, circus themed activities and possibly some unexpected surprises,” Stewart said. “I can’t wait to meet all the members from across the state.”

Scott said Midwinter is a great opportunity for Alabama youth to break out of their shells and explore new and exciting opportunities.

“My favorite part of Midwinter is seeing all the youth from across Alabama interact with each other,” Scott said. “Just seeing them smile, laugh and participate in a variety of workshops truly makes me smile and warms my heart.”

More Information

For more information about the 2022 4-H Midwinter Retreat, people can contact Scott or the 4-H agent that serves their county. Information about other Alabama 4-H programs is available at www.Alabama4H.com.


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