Terry Hanners to Run for Ward 3 Council Seat


I am announcing my run for Ward 3 Opelika City Council. What I bring to the plate is my life experiences as an owner of a small business for 28 years. I own Air Comfort Services, a local air conditioning business. After graduating high school, I attended Troup area vocational-technical school where I received my degree in HVAC. I had always had an interest in the Navy so after my graduation, I went from my school straight to the Navy recruiting station.

I served aboard the USS Oriskany and the USS Nashville. I was assigned to the flight deck. My last job in the Navy was with the Naval investigative service where I was assigned to find and get evidence against people on board ships that were in the drug trade and those guilty of theft. 

After my military service, I began doing HVAC work in my trade. I worked for a few companies and in 1993 I started my own business. Working with my own hands making a living has been a wonderful experience. When you own a small business, you not only sharpen your business skills, but you also learn life skills. I never felt like I had customers, they have always been considered by me as friends. Getting to know people and learn about their lives and family has been a blessing.

My wife, Denise Perry, and I have seven grown children. She is a retired nurse and my most loyal advocate. We are both members of the Church of Highlands.

In my business beliefs, besides being honest and working hard to provide a service to the public, I’ve always felt it important to give a little back. In my business, we have served the community by helping provide homes for people who may never have had the opportunity to own their own homes. We provided free or at-cost heating and air conditioning units for six homes. We also provide free window units for people that have no air conditioning and are assigned hospice care.

For people that needed a place to worship, I have served on a mission trip and provided financial assistance to ministry in Medellin Columbia, South America.

I have served as a certified lay speaker, Sunday school teacher and trustee in the Methodist Church.

I have served as a volunteer instructor for teenagers seeking to get their first hunting license. And have spoken in several schools about my underwater diving adventures where a couple of friends and I discovered a sunken paddle wheeler that use to deliver cotton up and down the Chattahoochee River.

I want for our town a solid, common-sense government. I want a government where the citizens have their opinions known and their voices heard. A lot of changes have happened and more will come. Bigger government does make a city great but a smart, government for the people does.

I want schools to teach classes that are important for kids to build on their future. I’m against CRT and Common Core. I want zero tolerance for bullying and assaults and to encourage and appreciate parental involvement. I believe anyone coming to read to children in elementary school should be a parent and have a child in the school.

I want a strong police department; crime is on the rise and I want them to have everything they need to do their jobs safely and effectively. I want to assure our police that I will never be a part of throwing them under the bus for doing their jobs.

A new up-and-coming ordinance of registering rental properties and mandatory inspections are coming. Since I’m quite knowledgeable of building and construction, I feel I could be the better to guide the city through this process. While I do believe that some things should be a requirement for the safety of tenants and appearance of rentals, I also don’t support government overreach and I do believe there is government overreach in the new ordinance. We can work together on the council to make it good for tenants. If any tenant or landlord believes they are not appreciated and are being done wrong, I encourage them to call.

I have had the COVID vaccine and support the use of masks but can’t support mandatory vaccines. I feel that would be against the constitutional right of citizens.
There are many issues to discuss and I will be glad to meet with any groups or individuals to discuss things we want, and feel are important for our town. 

I want to make sure citizens have the best service in regard to trash pickup, leaves and debris disposal. I want our water cleaner and safer without increased cost. It’s difficult, for example, for the many seniors and disabled in the area to bag leaves and grass clippings. I certainly believe that the city could buy a truck vacuum to get these items.

Our water has for a long time smelled bad and is unsafe for people that are immune-compromised. Let’s fix that problem and quit making excuses.

I’m about the government serving its citizens. I look forward to serving on the council and ask that you come out and vote for me on Jan. 11.

Terry Hanners


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