Senior Night Spotlight: Trinity Christian


 By Wil Crews

Senior night ceremonies for high school athletes are a special time. They are the representation, and the acknowledgment, of all the hard work that it takes to get to that point.

Trinity Christian had their senior night on Jan. 25. While all senior nights are remembered by the players, anyone in the gym that night will never forget it.

Facing off against Southen Prep, Trinity was leading late in regulation. Disaster seemed to strike when the Eagles gave up two scores in rapid succession because of careless turnovers. Hope was nearly lost. Down two with 4.5 seconds remaining, Trinity had one more chance. Head coach Paul Stith drew up a play to get Brandon Riddle open for a three pointer or to get fouled. The inbounds pass went to Riddle and just as Stith drew up, he was fouled. Riddle sank two-of-three at the line to send the game into overtime. In overtime, with what must have seemed like a past-life experience, Riddle was once again fouled on a three-pointer and put on the free throw line with a chance to win the game. This time, he finished it, and Trinity secured the 75-74 overtime win. Riddle finished with 29 points – it’s easy to see why Stith kept drawing up plays for him. Lewis Reeves had 23, Daniel Adams had 16 and Connor Hammett had 11.

The next day Trinity was back in action as they traveled to face Holy Ground in Georgia. Riddle and Reeves were productive again, pilling up a combined 35 points in the 45-26 win. The Eagles then lost to Ezekiel, 79-48, on Feb. 2.

Trinity traveled to Georgia for the regional tournament on Tuesday to play Covington Academy in the Region 1-A second round. Results were not available at press.


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