Residents, county disagree over road maintenance


By Fred Woods

Lee County Engineer Justin Hardee provided the Lee County Commission with a detailed accounting of county maintenance activities on the unpaved portion of Lee Road 246 in the Smiths Station area of the county at last week’s commission meeting. The accounting was prepared in response to numerous complaints about road conditions from residents. Some 12-15 people who lived on the road were in attendance.
Hardee’s report showed that LR 246 had been scraped five times so far this year but this was disputed by several residents who said they had seen no evidence that the road had been scraped at all in 2016.
The commission had looked into paving the road in 2009 but only six of 18 parcel owners were willing to donate the necessary right-of-way.
Commissioner Robert Ham and Mr. Hardee promised to check the status of the road the day after the meeting and decide what steps the county could take to meet residents’ concerns. Subsequently, Commissioner Ham contacted the Observer and said he and Hardee found  several deficiencies and Hardee agreed the Highway Department would take necessary steps to correct them. (FW)
Commission Chairman Bill English announced vacancies on the following county boards:
Communications District (9-1-1) Board – two vacancies (four-year terms).
East Alabama Health Care Authority Board – three vacancies (six-year terms: two from Opelika, one from Auburn).
Lee County Cemetery Preservation Committee – five vacancies (four-year terms).
After an executive session the commission approved the purchase of one of two parcels of land, presumably for a County Solid Waste facility near the intersection of Williamson Road with Society Hill Road.


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