Letter to the Editor


Dear Editor,
As I was reading last week’s article about Herbert Hartley, I was pleasantly surprised to see my great-uncle, Clint Bonner, mentioned as the coauthor of Hartley’s autobiography, Home is the Sailor. My family has often told me stories about Uncle Clint and his sense of humor.
In addition to writing for The Birmingham News, and publishing two books and a few comic strips, Clint was an artist who ran the Gulf States Art School and painted the portraits of governors Chauncey Sparks and Jim Folsom, which hang in the state capitol.
Clint was born in Lineville from a long line of Methodist ministers, which from my research started out in Penton, in nearby Chambers County. Although he died before I was born, Uncle Clint lives on in the memories of my father, aunt, and uncles, and I am pleased to have such a talented ancestor.
Leslie Johnston


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