Lee County Receives More Federal Funding




Lee County is receiving $100,000 from the federal government from the American Rescue Plan.

County Administrator Holly Leverette let the Lee County Commission know Monday night that the county will receive $50,000 for 2022 and $50,000 for 2023.

“On Sept. 29 of 2022, treasury launched the local assistance and tribal consistency fund for eligible revenue-sharing counties,” Leverette said. “This is part of the American rescue plan. They appropriated $2 billion to treasury across fiscal years 22 and 23.”

These funds can be used for “governmental purposes” other than lobbying.

“Upon application of these funds, we can expect to get the first $50,000 within four to five days,” Leverette said, with the 2023 date of funding unknown.

She said that the IAC, Investing in Alabama Counties program, will assist the county with spending the money within the regulations imposed. The county is already participating in that program.

The commission voted to apply for the funds Monday night.


The commission also voted on some budget issues Monday night.

The commission voted to replace the 2023 budget to include carryover funds from the FY 2022 budget.

“This is basically for dealing with supply chain issues that have occured with items that have been purchased that were in the 2022 year budget that need to be rolled over, allowing these funds to be used as planned in the next fiscal year without the expenditures causing adverse effects on the departments and their 2023 budgets,” Leverette said.

These were from different departments, including the Sheriff’s department and IT department.

The commission also approved the capital to be used in the 2023 budget.

Finally, the commission also approved $1.5 million from the general fund to the capital improvements fund, to help finish projects such as the EMA building finalizations.


– Outgoing District 4 and District 5 Commissioners Robert Ham and Richard LaGrand were recognized for their service on the commission.

– The commission approved the FY2023 gas tax budget adjustment.

– The commission allocated FY2023 outside appropriations.

– The commission approved a contract with American Financial Credit Services for delinquent personal property.

– The commission approved an ad-valorem for ADC200, LLC for a warehouse project at 253 Lee Road 2231. The new development will be a $10 million investment and create initially up to 20 jobs, with an outlook of close to 50 in upcoming years.

– The commission approved an education reimbursement request for the Sheriff’s department.

– The commission approved a legal retainer for the Lee County Planning Commission.

– The commission approved a liability release for polling places in Lee County.

– The commission approved a replat of Lot 1 in the Palmetto Creeks Subdivision.


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