On Saturday, March 12, 2022, Lawrence C. Alsobrook, Jr., Larry to his friends, family, and fellow fly fishermen, found it necessary to move on to Camp Great Beyond – Fishing, Wilderness, and Outdoor Adventure Park, just down the road apiece, right after the Rainbow Bridge Overpass. He was a robust 82 years of age.

A fine son, wonderful husband, caring father, doting grandfather, steadfast friend, gourmand with a flair for the gourmet, teller of tall tales (whoppers and otherwise), as well as a consummate fly fisherman, Larry has pitched his tent (more of a glamping rv with hot tub, William Sonoma 6-burner Gas Grill with optional smoker unit, satellite hook-up, and 65” tv with perpetual reruns of Bassmaster and any and all Auburn sporting events) right next to a pristine bit of river filled with sockeye salmon, rainbow trout, and bass—obviously, the fish are enormous, plentiful, and full of fighting spirit, just as he loved and sought in life.

He has joined his younger brother, William Norris Alsobrook, who preceded him to Camp Great Beyond and opened up the wildly successful Uncle Bill’s Gaming Grounds & Bush Hog Repair. The brothers are happy to be reunited and oversee what clearly is a vacation destination for the celestial outdoor adventurer. Larry’s mother and father, Jeanette Norris Alsobrook and Lawrence Alsobrook Sr., run the quaint B&B, Mamma’nette and Daddy Lawrence’s Get-a-Way, right down the road and serve the best peach ice cream this side of the heavenly divide.

In so doing, he leaves Gail Allen Brown Alsobrook (his wife of 59 years and the former Director for the Auburn Chamber of Commerce), to spend time with their daughter, Blayne Alsobrook, her husband, Keith Lee, their son, Bennett, and their bonus son, Austin Butler, looking after each other in the multigenerational house, known as LkiaSourwood—”Look Kids It’s a Sourwood”—that Larry was happy to call home. Of course, the house could use some landscaping, as Larry always had multiple plans to redesign the back yard, put in a fence, take out the annoying privet, move the azaleas into the shade at the treeline (where they belong), find a spot for a rock garden and gazing pool (perhaps even a modest Japanese tea garden), if and when there weren’t flies that needed tying or Alton Brown hadn’t just posted something that he needed to cook. When not cooking or tying flies, he was known to consult with this son, Law Alsobrook, and his wife, Patty Paine, on any number of topics, oftentimes sharing financial advice or tips, recipes, anecdotal evidence of his life and times as a gentleman farmer, or advice for when and where to fish.

While, Larry is greatly loved and will be missed, he was also a strong believer in education, praising nurses, and longwinded titles, had set up the Gail & Larry Alsobrook Endowed Graduate Award in the College of Nursing at Auburn University. He would be tickled to see that anyone wishing to make a donation to this cause do so by giving a gift to the endowment. Doing so would unlock bonus content for him and the rest of the family on the river amongst his fellow fly casters and outdoor adventurers and can be achieved by mailing their gift to:

Gift Processing c/o The Gail & Larry Alsobrook
Endowed Graduate Award in the College of Nursing at Auburn University
317 S. College St.
Auburn, AL 36849

Any and all proceeds would also earn him a heartfelt War Eagle! from the staff at Camp Great Beyond – Fishing, Wilderness, and Outdoor Adventure Park, plus he’d be pretty happy, that you support our nurses. If you just can’t abide supporting Auburn University but would like to contribute somehow, you are more than welcome to come by LkiaSourwood and move a azalea or two.

A service to pay respects to the fisherman, was held at Holy Trinity Episcopal Church in Auburn, AL, Monday March 21 at 2 p.m.


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