Fire fee vote a must for county citizens


About the upcoming (May 29) vote on the Lee County fire fee:

What if the citizens of your Lee County Fire District vote “NO?”

— The current $25 fire fee will end at the end of 2013. Your Volunteer Fire Department will lose its funding and, as a result, may have to close.

— With no functional emergency fire service, property insurance costs may increase greatly, or, in some cases, may be impossible to obtain. Each voter should ask his insurance agent about this.

What if the citizens of your Lee Count Fire District vote “YES?”

— The new fire fee will be $50. This small increase in funding will help offset the increased operational costs (fuel, equipment, insurance, etc.) that have occurred over the past 25 years.

— Property insurance may not change. However, this increased funding will allow the Volunteer Fire Department to continue to upgrade. An upgrade may reduce your insurance costs by more than the increase in the fire fee. Each voter should ask his insurance agent to explain rate changes occurring when/if their fire department’s “ISO” rating upgrades from a “9” to a “7.”

It is in obvious self-interest for each Lee County voter to mark “YES” on the special election ballot May 29.

If you have questions about this issue, please contact the chief of the Volunteer Fire Department that serves you. He will be happy to answer your questions.


Arvle Marshall


How to contact your volunteer fire department:

BEAUREGARD, Mike Holden, (334) 749-2318

FARMVILLE, Josh Datnoff, (334) 821-0011

PLAINVIEW, Steve Tucker, (334) 707-4300

SALEM, Cecil Rogers, (334) 742-9634 or (334) 749-0253

SMITHS STATION, Joe Walden, (334) 381-0011

SOUTHWEST, Daniel Haden, (334) 728-6323


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