Christian Women’s Job Corps of Lee County Graduates Four

Pictured above: Eun Hee Cho, Shay Hill, Sun Jung Kim, Young I Kim. photo contributed to the observer


“Perhaps the most important thing CWJC has done for me is to know better who I am and what I want. Based on those, I think that I have a chance to move to the next step in my life.”  This is what one recent graduate said marking the end of her nine-week session of job and life skills.  A celebration service was held Nov. 10 to honor the four women who persevered through extraordinary times with a combination of in-person instruction, social distancing and Zoom meetings to experience the Mission Statement of CWJC: “To equip women through Bible Study and job readiness classes in a Christian environment conducive to change and growth from the inside out.”  After nine weeks of classes  with instruction on CPR and first aid communications, Word and Excel, budgeting, Internet and personal safety, book study, resume building, interviewing, and Bible study, participants wrote speeches about their experiences at CWJC. 

Here is some of what the graduates shared about their participation in the Fall Session of CWJC:

“Before CWJC, I was in a very dark place, not knowing what to do or even which way to turn. I had set many goals for myself, but a lot of the important things I needed to be successful I lacked in; my faith was down and I just didn’t have the hope to push myself; my dreams still just felt like dreams.

One thing I am really proud of after going through this program is that I not only learned things to help me grow, but things that can also help my kids grow as well. I can hold my head up high knowing that God is with me. I want to have mindful, positive thinking every day I wake up.

I forgot I had passion for my life for a long time.  Being a stay- at- home mom was wonderful and great, but sometimes I felt empty because I did not think about myself a lot. After I took a career direction class and met my mentor, I started thinking about what I wanted to do and what I want for my future.”  For more information on how to become a participant or volunteer with CWJC, contact Neeley Caldwell at or 334-821-0591.


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