Auburns New Tradition Highlights What’s Best About College Football



Auburn has a new tradition under first-year coach Bryan Harsin. One that I really love.

Players from Auburn will run onto the field with the school’s flag as well as the American flag. This sends a chill down your spine.

According to Jeffrey Lee of Auburn Live, the player selected to carry the American flag will be a player who represents the university’s highest standards and ideals. The player who carries the Auburn flag, or “Battle Cry flag,” will represent all that it means to be an Auburn Tiger.

Along with carrying the American flag onto the football field in their opening game against Akron, the Tigers honored the 13 military servicemen and women who lost their lives during the airport attack in Kabul. The university left 13 seats empty at Jordan-Hare Stadium during the game. These seats were decorated with a military cap and photos of each military personnel killed. Auburn  took the focus off its 2021 team for a moment and instead highlighted a sacrifice that goes way beyond sports.

This salute to the flag should be done by every college football team in America. The flag and what it stands for is the reason we have freedom in America. Freedom to play and to attend a uniquely American sport; College Football. I applaud the Auburn coaching staff for teaching these young men about the Flag and the importance of always being mindful of the men and women in the military who have fought and died for us! Carrying the Flag is a great reminder.

I hope this serves as an example for all teams that play college football to carry the American flag onto the field. It would be great also for every school band to play the National Anthem, God Bless America and God Bless the USA.


Perry Hooper Jr.  is the Founder of Let the People Speak, Former Alabama State Representative,  on the Alabama State Republican Executive  Committee, the  Alabama Trump Victory Chairman 2016, the Alabama Trump Elector 2016  and the Alabama Trump Team Leader  in 2020


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