Auburn Wins Prestigious Award


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The city of Auburn has been named one of the winners of the ETC Institute’s Leading the Way Award, which recognizes local governments for delivering outstanding services to their communities.

Since 2004, the ETC Institute has conducted the city’s Citizen Survey that provides an assessment of resident satisfaction with city services. The city of Auburn has used these results as a tool for strategic planning and benchmarking over the years. As a recipient of the Leading the Way Award, the city of Auburn has ranked in the top 10% of all cities and counties surveyed in the United States in three core areas:

• Satisfaction with the overall quality of services

• Satisfaction with customer service provided by employees

• Satisfaction with the value residents think they receive for local taxes and fees.

In addition to ranking in the top 10% overall, Auburn also rated in the top 10% of all cities in several specific areas, including:

• Wastewater/Sanitary sewer services

• Quality of public schools

• Visibility of police in commercial and retail areas

• Enforcement of local traffic laws

• Enforcement of trash and debris clean-up on private property

• Recycling services/drop-off centers

 •Overall value of services received for the taxes and fees.

“City of Auburn employees come to work each day aiming to serve our community well and excel in everything they do,” said City Manager Megan McGowen  Crouch. “We’re honored that, yet again, Auburn citizens recognize these efforts and have let us know through the Citizen Survey.

“Our high scores are a testament of not only the hard work of city staff but the entire Auburn family.”

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