Auburn Trustees Approve Quad Residence Halls Renovation Project


By Hannah Lester 

Did you live in one of the Quad Residence Halls? Well, they are expecting a facelift. 

The Auburn University Board of Trustees approved the renovation of Harper and Broun Halls during its Friday, June 11 meeting. 

The renovation of the two ‘Upper Quad’ or ‘Quad West’ dorms is part of Phase I of renovating all ten Quad dorms. 

The Phase I project will cost the University $13.5 million, covered by Campus Housing and University Repair and Renovation funding. 

The project was previously approved by the Board of Trustees in the summer of 2020, and the board approved an architect, DAVIS, on Sept. 4. 

“Program requirements include replacing mechanical, electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems, upgrades to furnishings and fixtures, renovations to meet current ADA code requirements, replacing all windows and doors, and utility improvements to provide hot water,” said Board of Trustees materials.

These are only the first of the ten dorms to receive renovation. Two dorms a year will be renovated until all are completed, said Dan King, associate vice president for facilities for Auburn University.

“It’s our intent to bring every phase back to you for final approval,” King said. “So, one initiation, one architect selection, we’re going to use the same architect for all five phases. But every year we’ll bring a new project back to you, a new phase, the next phase, for your approval so that you can have adequate control of the projects.”

Auburn University Regional Airport:

The Board of Trustees approved two items related to the Auburn University Regional Airport Friday, including expansion of the maintenance hangar and the construction of an airport T-hangar. 

The first item, expanding the maintenance hangar, will be completed by Garver, LLC, which is the official airport engineer firm. 

“The hangar expansion will provide additional maintenance space and administrative offices to support operations,” the materials said. 

The Aviation Center will provide the funding for the project.

The second project, a constructed T-Hangar will hold ten bays, which can be completed in various sizes, King said.

This project will be funded by an Alabama Department of Transportation grant and University General Funds and will also be completed by Garver, LLC.

The hangar will be used for private or commercial aircraft.

College of Human Sciences Clinic Renovation and Relocation:

The Board voted to approve the College of Human Sciences Clinic Renovation and Relocation Project during its Friday meeting. 

The approval was a part of the University Student Housing Project — which plans for the renovation of the Human Sciences clinics on the Haley Concourse. 

There are three clinic buildings located in that space currently, the Early Learning Center, the Marriage and Family Therapy Center and the Center for Health Ecology and Equity Research. In order to complete the project, these centers will need to be moved. 

The board approved the renovation of the Dawson Building so that the Early Learning Center can move into that space. 

The EAGLES program is currently located in the Dawson Building. When asked, King said that the EAGLES program will be moved either into the Hayley Center or Foy Hall. 

Other Business:

  • The board approved the independent auditors for Fiscal Year 2021. 
  • The board approved a proposed Master of Science in Forest Business and Investment 
  • The board approved the awards and naming for the meeting. 
  • The board elected Bob Dumas as the president pro tempore for the board. 
  • The board approved the appointment of James Pratt to the Trustee Selection Committee 
  • The board also honored Wayne T. Smith as outgoing president pro tempore. 


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