A new rewards program is heading to I Love Juice Bar and customers will appreciate the fresh perks. Beginning Nov. 1, guests will receive one star per $6 spent at the store upon signing up for the program. Once reaching a certain number of stars, customers will have the choice between a variety of discounts, add-ons and more.

For members of the previous rewards program, all collected points will carry over into this new system to ensure brand loyalty.

Michelle Gil, director of franchise operations, said that the stores are excited to launch this new rewards program and compared it to those found at Starbucks, Chick-Fil-A and other national brands.

“We felt customers were having to wait too long for rewards with our last program,” she said. “With this new and improved system, customers could reap the benefits after just one visit to Juice Bar.”

The sign-up process for this program is simple and will set guests up to gain stars as quickly as possible.

Upon ordering a smoothie or any other I Love Juice Bar product, the check-out screen will instruct guests to input their email address or phone number. They will then receive a message to sign up through the rewards app and will begin receiving a star for every future visit.

Here’s what guests can expect as they gain stars:

• 2 Stars = Free add-on (bee pollen, chia seeds, CBD powder)

• 5 stars = $3.50 off snack (pumpkin pie cheesecake, green juice muffin, grab the gold)

• 10 stars = Half-off Grab and Go juice (early riser, sweet greens, sunny g)

• 15 stars = $5 off ANY item

• 25 stars = Free smoothie bowl (healthy blast bowl, athlete bowl, pineapple cake bowl).

This new and improved rewards program will be available to customers across the nation, and stars can be redeemed at any I Love Juice Bar location.


I Love Juice Bar is a brand that was founded to make nutrition and nourishment accessible to anyone, anywhere. Its smoothies, juices, shots and acai bowls are crafted with approachable flavor profiles made from only wholesome ingredients without added sugars, dairy, ice, syrups or artificial ingredients like ice.

I Love Juice Bar has 32 locations across the country, spanning Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and West Virginia. To learn more about I Love Juice Bar, go to