By Wil Crews

The Week Junior, the only newsmagazine reporting current events directly to children aged 8-14, named Auburn’s Pick Elementary School fourth grade teacher Samantha Moccia its teacher of the week last week.

Moccia was nominated by her 10-year-old student Tallie.

“Ms. Moccia can balance out things really well,” Tallie said. “Half of my class quarantined while the other half was in person. The time when the in-person students were in PE, she taught online. In addition, she volunteered to be my new assistant lacrosse coach. She did all of this while keeping her personal commitments. And she still finds ways to keep learning fun. I’m so thankful to have a teacher like her.”

Moccia, originally from Fairhope, Alabama, earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s of Education from Auburn University in 2017 and 2018 respectively. According to the Pike Elementary School website, she enjoys baking, reading, spending time with family and playing with her cat, Murphy.

“This season has been difficult for everyone; being flexible is key,” Moccia said when asked about her recent national recognition. “If I have found a way for my students to feel loved, supported and inspired, that’s a win in my book.”