Contributed to the Opelika Observer

The mayor of Opelika and the Opelika City Council honored Elsie Lott last week with a resolution recognizing her work at the Community Market in Opelika for the last 18 years. Lott is retiring from her position as coordinator of the program.


Whereas, over the past 18 years, the Community Market located in Opelika, Alabama has proven to be a lifeline for thousands of food insecure citizens of Lee County, and it is especially critical during the current pandemic and resulting economic downturn; and Whereas, the Community Market, an outreach program of the Food Bank of East Alabama, last year distributed well over one million pounds of food to 2,772 separate households, 38% of which reside within the corporate limits of Opelika; and

Whereas, in order for the Community Market to fulfill such a crucial role in the lives of the very low and low income citizens that it serves, it must have effective leadership that is committed to the Community Market’s mission of feeding those who otherwise face the consequences of hunger; and

Whereas, in 2002, Elsie Lott joined the staff of the Food Bank of East Alabama as the coordinator of the Community Market, and during that time, she has touched literally thousands of lives with her kindness, compassion and generous spirit; and

Whereas, Elsie was a true friend to everyone she met and that friendship extended to Community Market clients, co-workers and volunteers with whom she was never judgmental and always looked for the good in others; and

Whereas, after creating a kind, welcoming and caring culture at the Community Market for the past 18 years, Elsie is now retiring.

Now, therefore, be it Resolved by the City Council of the City of Opelika:

1.  Elsie Lott, a resident of Opelika, is publicly recognized and commended for her enormous contributions to the citizens of Opelika, Auburn and Lee County, ensuring that the food insecure residents of our county did not suffer from the terrible effects of hunger.

2.  Elsie will be greatly missed by the clients, the volunteers, her co-workers and indeed the larger community for her devotion to her calling and the feeding of the hungry in our midst. We wish her the very best in her retirement.

Dated this the 3rd day of December, 2020.